Belle De Nuit EP (CD)
Belle De Nuit EP (CD)

Parra for Cuva

Belle De Nuit EP (CD)

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CD Digipack incl. 8 pages booklet

Parra for Cuva’s piano EP, Belle de Nuit, picks up reverberations from the musicians’ past. Perhaps unbeknownst to most of his listeners - who primarily recognize the artist for the mellow electronic tracks he’s become internationally famous for - the piano has been Nicolas Demuth’s longtime companion, a relationship began all the way back in his childhood. “I have been playing the piano since I was twelve years old,” he reminisces. Thanks to an early teacher who opened his mind to the joys of improvisation and jazz music, the instrument slowly went from being just a companion to an indispensable tool for him as a composer. For the following eighteen years the instrument would be key to Parra for Cuva’s musical output -  “Most of my tracks were first sketched out on the piano”- even if standing slightly at the background to his electronic set-ups. Now, Parra for Cuva thinks it’s time to bring the instrument to the fore. With his first solo piano EP, the artist returns to a moment of solitude, before he’d stepped into the world of festival stages and collaborations, in a moving tribute to his past and the instrument at its heart.